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Samsung launches Exynos 9810 ready for the Galaxy S9

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Samsung alluded to last week that its latest and greatest Exynos processor would be revealed in preparation to use in the Galaxy S9, expected to launch next month. Samsung has no officially launched the Exynos 9810 and its the most powerful yet.

The Exynos 9810 includes a third-generation custom CPU, 1.2Gbps LTE modem, and a new image processing module that enables 4K at 120fps.

Offering eight CPU cores, there are four high-performance cores clocked at 2.90GHz and four energy-efficient cores. Samsung says that there is a 2x increase in single-core performance and a 40% increase in multi-core performance. The Exynos 9810 also improves neural learning capabilities, which means it’ll be better at recognizing people or specific objects and will be used for “hybrid face detection”.

As a glimpse into what the Galaxy S9 may offer, the new processor enables video recording at 4K 120fps so we’ll likely see that as a standout feature on the next Samsung device.

The processor is in mass-production as confirmed by Samsung and is likely to be ramping up for inclusion in the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, although that hasn’t been confirmed. It would seem unlikely, however, that Samsung‘s latest processor doesn’t make it into its flagship device.

Stay tuned for the latest Galaxy S9 news as we approach the suspected launch date next month.

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