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How to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (SM-T820/T825)

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We’ve already covered how to unroot the Galaxy Tab S2, but what about the older brother Galaxy Tab S3? Check out the below guide that will direct you to the tools you need to root the Tab S3.

You’ll need to make sure you have a custom recovery installed, and in this case, we’ll use TWRP that you can use to take a backup of your device.

How to flash TWRP on the Galaxy Tab S3:

  1. Flash with ODIN in the AP slot.
  2. Put your device in DOWNLOAD mode.
  3. Uncheck Auto reboot.
  4. Load the respective file below into the AP slot and hit start.
  5. After flashing and ODIN reports PASS immediately reboot to recovery by holding POWER + HOME + VOL DOWN.
  6. As soon as the screen goes blank change to VOL UP whilst still holding POWER + HOME.
  7. You should now see TWRP recovery.
IMPORTANT! This device enforces dm-verity. ANY modifications or even mounting system will put the device into a bootloop. To prevent this TWRP will ask at first boot if you want to keep system ‘Read only’ or ‘Allow modifications to system’. If you choose to keep ‘Read only’ you will have to flash TWRP at every boot to recovery.
If you choose to ‘Allow’ then SuperSU or the boot patch needs flashing below to disable dm-verity.

How to root the Galaxy Tab S3:

  1. Flash the latest SuperSU release with TWRP:…2-05-t2868133/

To disable forced encryption, mount internal storage(DATA) and disable dm-verity:

(Note this MUST be flashed after SuperSU if you intend to root)

1. Boot to Twrp
2. Format Data partition using FORMAT DATA button under Wipe options.
(Note: This will wipe the internal storage)
3. Check DATA is mountable.
4. Install SuperSU (if root is required)
5. Install boot image patch below.
6. Reboot

Boot image patcher

After you reboot, you’ll have a fully rooted Galaxy Tab S3. Needless to say that by doing this you’ll void any warranty on your device. Credit for the process goes to ashyx at XDA Developers – be sure to check out the full thread for any questions that you may have or feel free to drop a comment below.

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