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Report suggests the Samsung Galaxy S9 could launch early

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With the Note 8 revealed to the world, attention turns to the next generation of device from Samsung. The latest rumor that has surfaced around the Galaxy S9 is that Samsung is accelerating development of the device to bring forward the release date.

According to the source, Samsung Display is set to begin shipment of the Galaxy S9 OLED panels as soon as November, which is earlier than usual. The move is suggested as a counter to ensure that Samsung releases the Galaxy S9 before the next iPhone device that is said to increase the screen size to 6.46-inches from the standard size we’ve seen thus far in iPhones.

The shipment of displays in November is two months earlier than previous years suggesting that Samsung could be gearing up to launch the Galaxy S9 in January as opposed to the March/April timeframe we’ve previously seen.

The source continues to say that the display unit is the very first part of the production line that forms the schedule. Seeing as the Galaxy S8 displays shipped in January and announced in March, with the Galaxy S9 being two months earlier in Novemeber, naturally it is assumed everything shifts by two months.

While the Galaxy S9 is not expected to deviate much from what we’ve seen in the Note 8, Samsung are working on the under display fingerprint sensor but that could be set for the Note 9 anyway. I doubt that Samsung would rush the next device to compete against the iPhone 8, but it may entice those looking to upgrade to survey their options.

Do you think we’ll see a Galaxy S9 in January 2018? Drop us a comment below.

Via PhoneArena
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