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Qualcomm to bring under display fingerprint sensors to devices by 2018

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Qualcomm are making a sensor that it says will work embedded under a display and provide fingerprint sensor technology via a virtual button.

The Galaxy S8 is one of the first devices to feature an almost bezel-less design and rumor has it that the fingerprint sensor was meant to be integrated into the display but Samsung just couldn’t figure it out so decided to opt for a physical button on the rear of the device.

Qualcomm appear to be in a new area of business with fingerprint sensors and could have cracked a problem most of the OEM’s seem to be working on. These sensors work through ultrasonic technology and can not only recognize a fingerprint but can also detect blood flow and heart rate. The technology relies on a device using a display panel under 1200 μm, meaning traditional LCDs won’t work. OLED panels will however work just fine.

Assuming Qualcomm can iron out any issues and make the chip mainstream, we could begin to see this technology in smartphones as early as 2018. There’s no real indication from Qualcomm if the embedded fingerprint sensor has a better or worse accuracy rate over a physical home button but here’s hoping it’s just as good, if not better.

Source AndroidGuys
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