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Moto Z2 Play leaks shows more of what we already love


The Moto Z Play was one of the best flagships of 2016 so it’s no surprise that the next iteration of the device will be much of what we already know with a few minor tweaks.

New leaks of the Moto Z2 Play show what we should expect for the next generation of the device and also confirms the design we can expect from the other devices in the Z2 family.

The design is relatively the same as the previous generation and has the same pins as before so expect it to still support the Moto Mods. The home button is a little different and has been tweaked to look more like that on the Moto G5. Not only does it support the fingerprint sensor but also allows swiping gestures.

Aside from that, the exterior design is expected to remain relatively the same and this should be coupled with a spec bump to improve performance to bring it in line with the flagships of 2017. Sources claim that the 3GB of RAM, 16-megapixel camera, and 3510mAh battery is expected to remain pretty much the same in the Moto Z2 Play.

The source suggests a release date of June 8 so we’ll not have too long to wait to see what the Moto Z2 Play has to bring.

Source TechnoBuffalo
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