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LG G6 Mini may soon be a thing


Remember when every major flagship device came with an accompanying Mini version? The idea being that it was aimed at those that wanted a flagship design with lower specs and therefore a lower price.

The trend for Mini devices slowly died down thanks to manufactures like OnePlus who broke the mould for high specs mean high prices.

LG seem to be looking to bring the whole Mini device era back with talk of a LG G6 Mini. While there aren’t any specific details about the device around what spec compromises the Mini will entail, it will reportedly have a 5.4-inch screen as opposed to the 5.7-inch on the LG G6.

It’ll most likely be coupled with a mid range Snapdragon processor a few GB of RAM and more than likely a 1080p display.

With devices such as the OnePlus 3T on the market, is there really room for a LG G6 Mini? I’d lean on the side of not really. If you want a flagship you buy a flagship, and devices like OnePlus and Xaomi tend to do a good job of filling the gaps.

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