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Download the latest Google Play Store version 8.5.39 [APK Download]

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The Google Play Store contains all the Android apps that you could possibly need on your smartphone or tablet and offers a safe way to download them. Google has built-in protections in the store, such as Play Protect, that ensures you only download apps that are safe your device. As with any app, the Google Play Store is often updated with new features and it just got an update and is now at version 8.5.39. Here’s what’s included in that update and how to download the APK for the latest version to sideload onto your device.

Google Play Store version 8.5.39

There’s not a whole lot included in the latest version so these tend to be small bug fixes and minor performance enhancements that don’t offer a lot of visible changes.

The latest version of the Google Play Store will naturally find its way to your device, but if you like to have the latest and greatest version at all times, then you can download and sideload the APK directly onto your device using the link below. It’s also handy if you would like to download the latest version for use on a device that perhaps didn’t come with the Google Play Store bundled, like a Kindle.

Google Play Store v8.5.39 APK Download

If you notice anything new in this version then be sure to drop us a comment below and let us know.

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