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Why the iPhone experience will always win over Android

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Despite the somewhat unsurprising recent news that Apple purposely slows down its older devices to prevent against unexpected shutdowns, the Apple experience still seems to remain prevalent over Android.

This was demonstrated recently when in a popular phone shop playing with the Pixel 2. The individual in question was contemplating┬áchanging their device to upgrade from an iPhone 7 to either a Galaxy S8 or Pixel 2. The reason was that iCloud was ‘optimizing’ their storage because they had run out of onboard storage and all their pictures and videos were being offloaded to iCloud and their data was being battered because of it. They simply had two choices, disable iCloud or delete some pictures – not a great experience for someone who doesn’t understand the cloud.

With Google, the process is more fluid, aside from the fact on most devices the internal storage can be expanded with external memory. Google Photos will ‘optimize’ the storage on your device by removing older pictures and videos but will keep you informed about what it is doing at all times.

But while this individual in question flipped between having the Pixel 2 – essential an iPhone running Android – or the Galaxy S8 with the reduced bezels, they clutched to their beloved iPhone like they were giving up a child.

How do I FaceTime on the Pixel 2?

See, it isn’t about what the device can do, or cannot do, it’s the effort the user has to put in, which in the case of the iPhone is 0. Listening to the poor sales assistant explain why the Galaxy S8 just asked which ‘Internet’ to open a link in completely deemphasized the engineering brilliance that was the bezel-less display. This followed shortly by “How do I FaceTime on the Pixel 2?” showed that no matter how much better of an experience Android provided the user by offering them greater control, the iPhone experience will seemingly always win thanks to its 0 touch approach of ‘this is the way to do and you shall do it that way’.

People seem to like being told how to do things and not having to think about it. Not everyone is a tech nerd and cares about how or why things work, just that they do. The harsh reality is, as much as I love my Galaxy Note 8, while Samsung insists on putting its own Gallery app and its own Internet app, the experience to a vanilla user will always be sub-par when compared to that of an iPhone.

I’d love you hear your thoughts on this so be sure to drop a comment below.

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