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Improve the Essential Phone’s image quality with the Google camera APK

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The Essential Phone is finally being shipped to those who have pre-ordered the device and the reviews are beginning to role in. One thing that is consistent is the relatively mediocre quality of the images captured by the camera.

It seems that the resultant quality of the images isn’t the result of poor hardware but instead poor software. What that means is that it’s relatively simple to significantly improve the quality of the camera by installing a modified APK.

The Google Camera APK that has been modified to work on most Snapdragon 820+ phones can be installed on the Essential Phone and the result is very noticeable.

Photos captured by the Google camera on the Essential Phone with the HDR+ mode look a lot better than the stock camera. Given that it’s software not optimized for the device and doesn’t even use the Essential Phone’s secondary monochrome camera it’s quite amazing that it still manages to produce better results.

By using a modified APK it proves the hardware is capable so hopefully Essential can work on a fix to the stock camera software to improve the quality of the results from the camera.

You can download the modified Google Camera APK below:

Google Camera modified APK

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