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How to enable the mobile data and hotspot quick settings on the Galaxy S8 and S8+

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So you just took delivery of your new Galaxy S8 or S8+ and are excited to get it set up and all your apps installed, but here’s a little trick that you might not know about that can help improve your experience.

There’s certain tricks that can be enabled in the low-level Android OS that don’t ship as standard when the device leaves the factory. Depending on where you get your Galaxy S8 or S8+ from, you may find that the mobile data and hotspot quick settings tile has been removed. Not to worry, it’s relatively easy to get it back.

You’ll require adb shell access to get this working so you’ll need to get the proper ADB binaries, which you can grab straight from Google, before proceeding. After you have ADB set up, make sure to enable USB Debugging by going to “Developer Options” under Settings.

Enable the Mobile Data and Hotspot Quick Settings Tile

Not every Galaxy device has these tiles left intact so you can go ahead and re-enable it.

First enter the following command:

adb shell

Your terminal/command prompt should now indicate that you are within the shell environment of your device. Up next, enter this command:

settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles

This will output a comma-separated list of names that represent your current Quick Settings tiles. Copy it and paste it somewhere (like a random notepad) to keep it available, as you’ll need it for the next command. Enter the following after:

settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles "YOUROLDLIST,MobileData,Hotspot"

Where YOUROLDLIST represents the comma separated list of Quick Setting tiles that you saved just before, and MobileData and Hotspot is the name of the Mobile Data Toggle and Hotspot Toggle respectively, appended to the very end of the original tiles list. Note the comma between the old list and MobileData/Hotspot, and also note the use of quotation marks. Basically, all we’re doing is appending the name of the Mobile Data and Hotspot toggles to the end of our original tile list.

Once you enter this command, you should immediately see the Mobile Data and Hotspot toggle show up at the end of your Quick Settings tiles. You can re-arrange them as you please so it will appear on the first page. These toggles will remain through a reboot, but you’ll need to set it up again if you perform a factory reset.

Let us know if you found this useful using the comments below.

Source XDA Developers
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  1. John says


  2. bhavin says

    great article what a magic.lots of thank you

  3. Stephen says

    Amazing, this is amazing info and works great! First useful guide I’ve found solving this issue.

  4. Rishi villa says

    hi, my question is regarding how to restore the mobile data option in the s8 using adb. after i enter the commands, the mobile data option is appearing but the rest of them are gone. then when i try to put the rest of them back, the mobile data option is dissapearing. can you plz help me out in the exact steps to follow to get all of them together.

  5. Rome says

    Any reason why the following command would return NULL?
    settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles

    1. Dan says

      Are you running a custom ROM?

      1. Rome says

        No… default Sprint Samsung S5 ROM. I had Kaspersky’s real-time protection enabled. Once I disabled it, it worked.

        New problem though – I went through all the commands but nothing changes.

      2. Rome says

        No… default Sprint Samsung S5 ROM. I had Kaspersky’s real-time protection enabled. Once I disabled it, it worked.

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