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Google Play Store version 8 released [APK Download]

The Google Play Store hit a major version today as the latest update saw the Store jump to version 8. The full feature list hasn't been published yet but there's certainly one standout feature of version 8 of the Google Play Store. You can now view the changelogs for app updates directly from the update overview screen. While a small visual update, it is pretty useful as you can now see exactly what has changed in the app before you update it rather than having to drill down directly into the app itself. You can…

Action Launcher sees its biggest update in quite awhile

Everyone loves Nova Launcher and tends to forget that there are other, viable, options available on the Play Store. One such option is Action Launcher 3 from the well-known developer, Chris Lacy. On Friday, Lacy pushed a HUGE update to Action Launcher, which provided a rather long list of changes and feature additions. In addition to these changes Lacy has also removed the "3" from the name while bringing an all-new icon for Action Launcher. Other than the design changes that have been made to the launcher itself,…