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Best apps to disable system apps on your Samsung Galaxy S8 without root

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Previously the way to disable system apps that come bundled as bloatware with Android devices was using methods that required root access.

While you can still root Samsung devices to disable apps, you’ll be tripping KNOX in the process and therefore voiding your warranty with no way to undo it. There’s still a way to disable system apps and services that you don’t want without root.

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The two apps that you can use to disable unnecessary packages are Package Disabler and Adhell. Both apps provide a list of all the apps and services installed on the device and let you disable or enable them with a single tap. Most importantly it’s completely reversible.


It’s just a simple case of highlighting what you want to disable and switching it off. Proceed with caution since you can cause some serious damage by disabling services that the device relies on.

Adhell is free while Package Disabler costs a little over $1. You can get Adhell or Package Disabler from Google Play here or here.

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