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3 Android apps to keep your family and children safe online

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It’s one thing having the best Android apps on your brand new device but one of the main challenges in the modern day is making sure those who are using the Android devices are staying safe online.

While the person reading this may be savvy with how an Android device works and the what to do and what not to do online, the same may not be true for our children or wider members of the family.

That’s why the below list highlights some of the apps that you can use on Android to make sure that those younger users who are as prevalent with the dangers of online activity can use to ensure their safety.

YouTube Kids

I was amazed at some of the videos that were making their way through YouTube’s own content filtering system onto the screen of my kids’ Android tablets. The most amazing thing was that I had no control – some videos, for some reason, had been branded as kid-friendly topics but contained inappropriate content which obviously the content algorithms would not be able to pick up unless someone physically watched the actual video.

YouTube clearly understands there’s an issue and as such have a new app called YouTube Kids which has a much better filtering mechanism and can even restrict the search feature. I’ve had absolutely no issues using this app and any reservation about my kids accessing inappropriate material on YouTube are removed with YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Safe Family – Parental Control

McAfee is a familiar name in the online security domain and same goes for its app aimed at providing parents greater control. You’ll be able to control exactly what apps are allowed on the device as well as reports about the usage and the ability to block inappropriate URLs. Not only that but it also has a locator to track the location of cell phones if that’s something you feel you need.

Safe Family - Parental Control
Safe Family - Parental Control
Developer: McAfee LLC
Price: Free+

Kids Place – Parental Control

A similar offering that replaces the launcher on the Android device to something the parent controls. You can allow access to specific apps while blocking others and can even hook into mechanisms to block children from utilizing in-app purchases. There are also a number of plugins to open up features like website blocking and additional parental controls.

Kids Place - Parental Control
Kids Place - Parental Control
Developer: kiddoware
Price: Free+

Obviously there are a number of parental control apps that do a similar thing but these are the 3 that I constantly find myself gravitating towards to provide the perfect balance of freedom to explore technology whilst ensuring the bad things in the world are kept out of reach.

If you have found a different app you want to shout out then drop us a comment below.

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